A Staircase by Kuma Raj Subedi

A Staircase by Kuma Raj Subedi

Foreplay of desires under the bright moon-lit night

Pleasures heavenly, leading to a nascent sight;

Seeds planted, emerging victorious amongst the crowd 

Flawless sensory skills endowed.

Fragile twig of a seedling- golden and green 

Nurtured little self, with eyesight keen;

Upon the boughs, stronger and leafy 

Bounding on trunks, gets soon beefy.

Surpassing winter, autumn and frost

Youthful spring blooms- glossed;

Butterflies surround amicable sturdy 

Music, teens and dance in adventurous thirty.

Like a foliage radiant, smooth barks towering high 

Toiling man beyond disdain, breezes for a sigh;

Blooms fade emitting seeds

Mature man offsprings his own feeds.

Treetop view, ultimate and wide

Final winter stair, barren man cried;

Solving puzzle of stepping the staircase

Mesmerise with memories or gloom to deface.

Each stairs loaded with appealing charms 

Links blissful sunshine to alluvial berms;

Corroding with fear, nostalgia or pain

Audacious journey let not go in vain.

Kuma Raj Subedi, MTESL/MA in English and American literature, is a lecturer at TafeSA South Australia. His numerous creations have been featured in both print and online magazines, Reviews and literary portals e.g Misty Mountain Review, Indian Periodical, The Gorkha Times, Of Nepalese Clay, just to name a few. He often writes about nature, environment, love, politics, religion, women’s suffering, and tormented life of migrants. Reading poetry is his pass time activity. 

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