Fear not my Touch

By Kuma Raj Subedi

Vibrant and creepy
Fragile, sleepy
Antidepressant-coyness smeared
Colour often bright
But dark when touched 
Mesmerising beauty 
Lures soul longing for a hug
Welcoming patterns like a rug
Fear not my touch!

Swollen and robust
Body be yours
With touch that quenches thirst 
Majestic music be heard
When swift breeze passes your way
Sweeping away sighs and sweats
Fear not my touch!

I can count and recall
The very first on lips
Passing hands through hips
Like twisted snakes
Shivers and shakes
Resulting pumped up
Ecstasy of generation
Fear not my touch!

Coyness as that of mimosa 
Trapping me in
For ever and ever
From dangers of outside threats 
In the smooth surface of leaves
Never shaken off
Until safety is restored
Fear not my touch!

Should the nature of things change
Be yours the same
Till eternity
That subliminal beauty
Fear not my touch!

About the author:

Kuma Raj Subedi is a poet and blogger. His numerous creations have been published in several print and online publications- Of Nepalese Clay, Misty mountain review, Indian Periodical, The Gurkha Times, Sahitya Post, Namchnepal etc. to name a few. He is currently based in South Australia and is an ESL lecturer at TafeSA.

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