The Concept of Literature

Literature is the composition of writing which usually comes in form of prose, drama and poetry. It is written text like drama, fiction, essays, poetry and biography in a creative artistic way. Literature is an imaginative work of art which uses language and other literary devices to give a picture of a certain reality. Literature is the ability of the writer to express the thought and actions etc. of a person in a creative way, this could also involve the narration of an event and other activities in a composition. It is also the process through which the writer artistically use language and plot as well as other literary devices to express a situation.

Literature is an artistic creation of art that involves the emotions, thoughts and action of a person, it is the act of using writing to give us a picture of life. Literature can be rendered in form of drama, fiction, essays, poetry and biography. Through unique styles the writer uses literature to express reality usually in a logical and coherent manner. The Encyclopedia Britannica classifies literature as the expression of the best thoughts reduced to writing.

For centuries Humans have collected dozens of written works by great minds as well as from ordinary individuals and historians who decided to record a piece of thought. All written works are literature, from magazines, to novels, encyclopedia, etc. are all literature. The word literature is derived from the Latin literatura/litteratura, meaning “learning, a writing, grammar,” originally “writing formed with letters,” from litera/littera “lette. Iman Ja’afar Al-sadia defines Literature as a garment which one puts on what he says or writes so that it may appear more attractive.

From the above definition we can understand that literature is not just any piece of writing but involves carefully written and in a clear and understandable format to express a thought, this is not just any thought but a serious and well planned out thought which most times have to go through professional editing and publishing.

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