Life: A Rolling Stone

by Kuma Raj Subedi

Be it a chilling winter-
Where it gets frost bitten or
Numbness preventing the actual feel of things,
Foggy air causing the far-sightedness,
Sharp glass like frozen lake-
A slight crack can drown
Bleeding and groaning; it goes on!

Be it a sunny summer-
Under the shades of Bunyan trees
Little creatures take refuge
Protecting from gusty winds
Soaring temperatures peel skin off
Workaholics continue to toil
Irrigating the channels with blue drops of sweats- it goes on!

Be it a dry autumn-
Leaves drifting in the air,
Rotting on the ground,
Ants feeding on the foliage and mulch
Spiders weaving webs in the skeletal branches,
Hatching eggs in a silken sac – it goes on!

In ups and downs-
In prairies and vales-
Where human trodden footprints
Carve a destination on a golden soil
It goes on-
For a rolling stone gathers no moss.

About The Author

Kuma Raj Subedi is a poet and blogger. His numerous creations have been published in several print and online publications- Of Nepalese Clay,  Misty mountain review, Indian Periodical, The Gurkha Times, Sahitya Post, Nepalnamcha etc. to name a few. He is currently based in South Australia and is an ESL lecturer at TafeSA. 

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