Renaissance Poetry

The renaissance period has been recorded as a stepping point for the advancement of modern Literature. The renaissance period marked the period from the middle ages to modern period in European history. The renaissance lasted from the 15th to 16th century. The Renaissance age emerged with the discovery of ancient Greek writings especially the saying of Protagoras that ‘Man is the measure of all things.’ This lead to the rise of Humanism in the Arts and other discipline. The first aspect of the renaissance started in Italy and most notably in the work of Dante and others.

This period is notable for its development in inductive reasoning and the sciences. It was more properly represented by the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci and other notable contributors during this time.

The term Renaissance was Latinized in the 18th century from rinascita meaning (rebirth) first found in Giorgio Vasari ‘Lives of the Artist.’ This period sort to bring the Human Person to the forefront and tried to depict the Human condition in Arts trough painting and writing. The Renaissance can be regarded as an attempt for some scholars to improve the works or the classical period and give it a more Humanistic approach

Some writers has argued that the pandemic in Europe which resulted to the ‘Black Death’ during 1348-1350 was the major factor that lead to the shift in thinking which led to the Renaissance. The black death was more severe in Italy leading to many deaths and families and people have to deal with the lost of a loved one they will never see again. This lead to a new kind of thinking among writers during this period as they decided to write and do work on the Human situation and their lives on earth rather than to focus on the spiritual and life after death. The Black Death also ushered in a new age of piety and morality as well as the religious life.

Renaissance Poems brought in a new and more creative method in writing, the use of literary devices to make their poems more creative and fluent as well as more narrative and imaginative aspects of poetry was invented by poets during this period. This period was instrumental in launching the Human creativity into the center stage of Human Development.

Poetry became a more useful tool in pointing out the failures of the state and other social institutions of that era. The most important form of poetry during this period was the Sonnet which have 14 lines and its rhyme scheme intricately placed to capture the minds of the readers. The sonnet was from the Italian sonetto which was perfected by the 14th century poet, the Patriarch.

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