The Devil Man

The Devil Man

The Man in the Cassock came preaching
of the Devil man from his vision.
He is coming for your soul, he said,
but we must hold him down by praying.
He said pray! That is your weapon.

The Devil should be bind and casted
into the lake of fire, of evalasting torment.
We must capture him and destroy him!
As he spoke i wondered for a brief moment,
about where lies the falsehold here.

I remember being told in the past,
that the Devil’s residence is in hell,
the fire. And I wondered, from where
will the casting happen, from hell
or from here in the prayer ground?

I was snapped back to the moment
The devil is your enemy, said the preacher!
We all joined in the anger
against the devil as we vibrate,
moving our heads to and fro, up and down.

The young one with Celia joined too.
Everyone joined too in the ‘die by fire’
chant as they move around sweating.
And while we walked home after
the prayers, I heard the little one say, ‘die by fire!’

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