Homeless Helpless

Life is such a heavy burden, and many has made a struggle out of it. The war has now begone. Those who are vile will plunder and the meek suffers, because it’s a bloody war and people are brought down from high places.

And the simple ones suffers from the mighty blow of hunger. For when the sun sets and they too weak to carry on fall upon the pavement and stare at the sky. They are the ones whose existence are left out of record.

And I thought of a million reasons to be mad. At the sky that always brightens up as if those below are having a feast. But then again I thought of how pleasantly the lights brighten the eyes. Even when hungry their eyes sparkles reflecting the stars.

Another day will begin and those who are homeless will join the wave of the city. They contribute to the vibrations and the moist and they too are useful contributors to life’s many processes and at night while the city owners and dwellers sleep, they wait upon the weather to provide a blanket.

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