The saying

There was a popular saying among the Heathen,

that those who go should be assisted, and those staying

should be encouraged to go. Heathen brethren.

They dance the dance of witches, they call Ojiji.

The Going are the Ojiji they say,

the school man will likely say mental.

The books lack meaning, they don’t know.

But the ones who go say its Ojiji.

Ojiji is that which stands in the middle,

when its numbers or emotions, when its yay

or jubilee, when its wonderfully merry

and all. They have gone and what’s left is for games.

I thought Ojiji was the village priest with no devotees.

Ojiji was the drummer boy from the forest

coming with the thunderous boom boom sound,

leaving everyone in a moment pause before they carried on.

They carried on with their laughter and chants,

as if for a while a spell has caught everyone.

they have realized he is just the forest boy.

With little mysticism attached to his entrance,

The village priest commands greater entry even.

He comes with a wind and vibration of the earth.

It is as if the elements are flowing with him and he is one with them.

For when the priest makes a rapid movement, it is as if they all feel that too, as if they should move as well.

I remember an old Anty from Australia during the Esther celebration she came visiting.

She has a certain calmness that when she whispers everything drops and listen.

No winds not vibration but a certain kind of chill that comes like fresh air.

She doesn’t talk much but when you look into her eyes you hear all there is to say.

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