Series of unfortunate events

Series of unfortunate events

In the booze ring ring ring
hello is that the Badoo?
Oh grant audiences, host
pretend to give a little attention .
And so, lost in a journey,
Badoo’s plot, victim drenched.

Bruised to the bones left naked.
The grounds wet from continues downpour,
Nothing left but vengeance and regrets.
Tears sadness all in hateful anticipation,
distrust, vengeful all breeds of abuse.

Series of unfortunate events where things
are taken and life threatened and peace
afar off and hunger daily haunting and fear.
And like lightning and thunder we remember .
And a new drama play a sad series.

And even bruised and when healing
a new injury starts eating deep, a new tear.
And like a river unhindered calmly navigating
moving to a certain direction, towards unfortunate events, where nothing is pleasing
and everything makes the soul bleed and nay
not pleasing at all.

And the drenched is left drenched in the rain, and hoping in anticipation, and nothing is in sight.

Grandmother echoed, listen you fool, you know nothing, you are unwise. Believe in your foolishness and you will navigate towards wisdom, believe you are blind and try to see,
than see and see nothing.

Deprive yourself
dignify your absence. Glorify your name.
Stop being a fool. And so go in forgetfulness,
and start anew with a new stride and a fresh
soul and when the light goes off turn it on within you, lend your life to that. Flourish.

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