Fallen heart

Fallen heart

My heart
is a wrecking ship,
in the gray shadows unseen.

Daily fed with wisdom,
and unnoticed even.
I’ll die just to see you.

amens and alleluia,
Gloria glorious gracious.

The meal we eat are solid,
like earthquakes uproots and plant,
but still incomplete without you.

Golden plates and tables
Meals, wine and courtesan,
Fetish things and madness.

The failed appearance of you,
and the drama in the pot.
Or the impressions intended.

Do not think I lost in desire.
My bones are too weak,
and the shackles on my neck hinders .

Two boys,
I am the first to cut through,
behold I am blinded still !

My heart is a wrecking ship,
bleeding from unseen cuts,
sinking in longings of a child.

Oh please don’t let it wreck.
allow some piece be preserved
for the little things unseen.

a hunter hunts its prey ,
And truth is unknown in the jungle.

Give me audience in a ink,
Or a pace and a time.
I still know not what I want.

A rudder perhaps,
Or brothers in white and blue,
Or a lost mother found?

I still haven’t written,
My books are stained
with black and blue ink.

Yet a single word not said
nor the ambition of a boy,
Or the dream of fathers.

To love is to die ,
decaying yet buried.
Preserved yet fading away.

I have stumbled this time,
I will seek no more,
And knocking will cease.

But if you see me faraway,
Call and I’ll run.
Achilles heel will not stop me.

My love is a gift,
Like Santa at random.
Picking unknown faces .

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