The Mass

The Mass

Alters of endless supplication,
The mass of daily burnt candles
Chanting endlessly, creating ties
To safeguard unfenced emotions.

Mother cries and is happy in so doing
Lingering among the many dwelling
In the ONE. Existence and Being.
A part of thousands unnarrated stories.

I am stunned by the way, a light
Unsure of parts and prospects; seeking
Soughting sighting accumulations
Of things to aspire and to hope for.

Dreams are owls , they fly the night
Lives are lived in the light of day
Things thoughts throng through my head
Nothing is seen not within sight, thinkers.

Again I was robbed by my very own folly
My foolish cravings and desperation
Trying to cry but who to blame, no one
The shoulder I see is far in Devishire .

Oh how beautiful are the clouds , patterns
When no one thoughts I stare and create
Hoping the stars brightly display a sign
Like they did down in the country beneath

In the alters of self affirmation, I knee
Sins may display but fading forever
Noise continue but silence can be obtained
Peace killed by unbridled thoughts

The city lights are stars in the country
Aries and Orion shines through the Savannah
Brighter than light comparable to day
There is wonder only in a distance miles

The crickets chirping perpetually at night
Engines and echoed music unstilled the night
The constant bombardment of lives lived
The stillness in the country fades away.

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