Orion belt

Bright sky- perfect constellation of Orion’s belt.
Thousands of souls yet unborn,
twinkling in the fairy blue.
Jupiter is lost from my point of view,
but when seen she shines like a diamond.

Sitting with feet on waters of flowing shivers.
The inhabitants of the sky are all stars.
we are stars but our point of view obscure us.
Kuhns thesis seems appealing ,
the ends rotates from where I sit .

Staring at the silvery skies of the retired sun,
I wonder if Hume can say nay Kuhn,
science and empirical verification can commensurate,
our point of view is exact, the past is crude ,
if not so, why change?

why wonder in endless journey
for meaning and truth?
this paradigm is ever the height of enlightenment.
Pythagoras said the Devine tetrakis
forms the triangle in the blue night above.

Seen on patterns and form and visions
and images of imaginable decades .
NASA ! How privy,
thou command the views and the seasons,
Venus lightens the instrument of views through light ages.

Galileo didn’t reach the omega point,
Newtons ways lead to God .
Esse est percipi is false,
To be is to be perceived ,
No one is in relation to nothing, Perceiving is not being.

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