Beautiful beautiful

​Beautiful beautiful
The dances of birds in voiceless music

Songs and timbers in my head, echoing without you

The movement, slow and constant, seers sees

Every rhythm Betty plays , the birds dance in my eyes .

Oh Elysium, my trousers and shirts turn in pieces
Everything is beautiful, in my view it is dancing

Birds and butterflies dance through my moringa

I was a tenant in this life and still is, colourful raining

God smile now and always in my head, oh please am sane.

Beautiful beautiful colourful leaves and earth unseen.
Trees seeing through with thorns and tillage, wonder.

Let us Marvin Gale and get on with the music, oh Elysium

The road beyond is not at it now, sleep and imagine, dream

The moment ahead dances , drums and boom boom, whistles

Sundry pamphlet preaching salvation, halleluia in the highes
Today is Sunday, some poems are too deep to understand.

Be happy tomorrow is yet to come , listen to the thunder

Domina nostra Madiatrix ominium gratiarum , blesser

Layers of cloud unexplained, transpirations and standard

Oh beautiful wonderful amazing God. An armature praises.

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