Dear Njamaa

Socialist, thou hast used as a vehicle for your self aggrandizement, selling the lands, displacing souls.

Hunger was salient, but thou preached Njamaa.
Lies and falsehood, colonialists offsprings, merchants of brothers in disguise of socialist. Accumulating wealth for their own Njamaa.
Thieves , learned philosophes from Yell and Paris, the instrument of revolution in France, sought control within enlightened egalitarian wannabe , commune , death and tillage, blood and sweat. Fight for Njamaa.
The ruler is king, the union is the rule. Thief at head of equals , blinded socialist devotees. A philosopher is king and Nietzsche Superman, the one who is both result to the prince of Machiavelli. The head of Njamaa
Creating impression from Lenin and Marx. Expanding their Njamaa.
Tribe and Tribesman, Tribalism and selection and displacement. Socialism the tribalist agenda. Ideology of the tribe, community of equals , boundaries outside Njamaa.
Neo egalitarian tribalism Njamaa. Thy pretensions and falsity , the slave man slaving for his soil and soul. New masters, mothers brothers, conformity and tradition. Togetherness in Njamaa.

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