Today is Sunday
bright and green Sunday

Sunny day of our glorious halleluhai

Patrons and preachers alike; hunting souls.

The brother came and told me am not where

The creator desires, he didn’t defend , speculations .
Phycologists and pastors, preaching predictions

The witches in your village are chasing you,

 They know the means of your daily devotions.

Come then let us deliver you, we are here for you.

Preachers seeking preys , lost the way, he died for you.
Why preach false doctrines, when you and I know?

 He gave us his word individually and graciously

Our part is unpredictably predicted by Messialy 

Now all they tell are still price to pay, we both know

He paid them all and now we chain our lives to churches.
Beautiful Sunday , Skuchies sknochies 

Hiltup where tested patrons doped brothers,

Addictions and devotions , perverted religions

Black people all in loyalist agenda ploys and plot.

Let us be and shine our lights our devotions.
They want a free sophistry, ours and yes

They tie a chain to our neck , free but restrained.

Sunday soberly . I laugh and I am sad , frustrated

And scared of the things I cannot help, or

Morality will not allow me unyield , cry my son.
Feel the pain , you are normal

 Be contented, you are abnormal, a sick man

Feels sickness, a blind man is blind with sightlessness

Cry and be glad, high and be low, learn and unlearn

Love and unlove, feel the pain my friend .
Guru allow me those askings of daily unheld calls.

 Open oh Paris and Jupiter’s voice of clouds unheard.

Tears and prayers are companions of nights darkness

Green lives and leafs , glory halleluhai oh Sunday

Mondays metaphysics and many unscientific , good day. 

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