​Spell me a word without letters

 And I’ll think of silence 

 Or an unsolved riddle.

Give me a name without meaning

And  I’ll name nothing.
Men don’t linger on mothers milk.

 labouring the earth they live snow balling.

As the pistil beats the yam

And aches goes unnoticed

An absent is not an excuse.
I will scream your name oh !

 My lineage has long been forgotten.

The ones who paid the price did not pay.

On a loan with dividends made daily.

Our ancestral shrines are no more.
I want to be a sisya Mr guru.

 Too many things are yet unknown.

Open your detective mind to see how I have waited.

Noon no longer comes with the sun , 

The moon is in mourning.
Mr guru this is want I want.

 To tell tale of adventures followed

Of how certain uncertainties was a brothers might.

 Of friendship only a mentor can grant.

Of our silent discussions.
Uncertainties is the Stormy sea

 echoing fears from past misdeed.

Tales of worry and future sorrow

While today perish and decay

The fear of tomorrow everly dwells on minds way.
But our truce is one that is reasonable.

 The lass simply wants a senior brother.

Give him council and As and Bs.

Give him hope to build a new shrine

Tell him the price to be paid.
Let not thy loyal brethren be left unattended.

While he called you never answered 

His mind ever battles war yet unfought

Calm the sea and say the peace.

What do you fear anyway?
The priest in my village is a cruel man

 He leaves the sick without herbs and 

The homeless goes to thy mothers people

The small ones are left unattended

And the big one sought to pay the price.
How can you know what has never been understood

Or tell a tale that has never been told?

A silent prayer answered is an everlasting memory

A wish granted is the beginning of a new religion

Unmask the hidden lies behind all.

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