​God gives Fragrance to the rose
I hear the roar of engine, sitting thinking.

Dead grasses scattered on black earth,

All night long the rain poured, sitting still ,wondering.

This place silenced a thousand clap of thunder.

In my head thorns grow and àgbanjes are seen running.
The Kaduna soldier went to war and lost his heart ,

Dreadful sights leaves men naked and hungry.

The crow never perch on the moringa drum stick branches.

The small’uns trick and fake feelings for attention. Freaks.

Big’uns never row with a bamboo trunk only with timba.
Love heals like the souls remedy afflicted with anger.

Hate is a poison , not dreadful to the object. Evil to haters.

It spreads to our friends and enemies and allies and foes .

Hate blemish our path black and saddens our heart ,

Love heals like the fragrance in which the lemon groves sleep.
To lift one high is an achievement, to put down is a lost.

Evil pays only in dark dividends , evil is the wand of hate.
I get lost half way trying to contemplate in my head,

I was faced by hate verses love along the voyage of never      ending.

The water inside the coconut is sustained by who?

Some will say God others will say science knows .

I will only say what my mother says , it is God who sweeps the sky.
The mountain in my way is very large, obstacles and isle .

If I pass through, really God whitens the palm wine,

My boulevard is set with pavements surrounded by tall trees.

Cool and chilling till I get to the mountain feet, oh big monster.

Finally I saw both the front and the back , God really gives fragrance to the rose.

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