The Form

The Form

The man of Form

The voyage to Dion

Descartes was no biologist.

Ideals are known.
Our senses are blur

Scattered are the phenomena like fur

The categories of knowing are four

Will reason lure you?
Beauty has many contingencies 

It could be from Ife maybe Igbo Ukwu

Budha immortalized by Hindu

Beautiful is the China Ancestor
How be it we know perfection

In a world of uneven dimensions

Where lies the good?

With God ?
Only the eternal archetype

The one that lies in Descartes pineal 

Thoughts are known

What you saw may kill you.
Voyages of men from ages past

Discovering aspects of Plato

Kant’s phenomena for last

Class room call a text
A guru instructs

And allows sisya a text

All ink choose a part

Answers grants
Plato discovered

Disclosure of instructions

Preserve in form of school text

Not merely theories , life’s model as well
Socrates sought for the best man

Plato desired the ideal

Aristotle clarifies knowing

Logic needs assurance
Don’t fail to get a living

Academy goes in four ages

We are immortals

And We ran out of time.

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