Ring road

Ring road

The gray sky dotted

Black bats scream ; Anguish

The leader of ogoni dins today

Black bats beat bands of boom boom

The red fortress resides the Oba
The gray sky abounds

How thou have beaten the soul

Hanging behind their shoulders your malice

Black bats hang around our faculties

Digging into our brains , uprooting so much
Adequate ideas are the intuition

When our mind sees every thing in God

We will have a personality in one substance

They call him the mystic , he was cursed

He was banished to dark realms of panthei

I think they are all right in thinking

No one truely knows truely certainly

All we know are our own ideas be it copy

Be it our very own intuitive journey.

Its a voyage that happens in flashes

Equals can be by not fighting and trampling

We can all pass out doing our own ourselves

Pride will bring so much disorder and evil

Our ways usually go the way of the ego

Our ego is who we are and our personality

In Benin city people watch out for people

When the bat hovers in the gray sky

Minds dwell on other people’s mind

Digging for mysteries in life past

Looking for to tarnish or learn and conquer
The crazy man does not know he is crazy

He thinks he is a stoic or Buddha’s own

He goes about crazily wandering annoyed .

How unjust they are, they don’t see

A bit of madness is in men’s soul really

I would be in the army if Gods willing

The stoics journey has other parts

Enjoyment is part of nature our lives must

Not stoically think we cannot be delighted

Our mothers well thought ness make merry

The bats in ring road are Devine

The mystic ancestry and culture abounds

Gods has lived among these red quarters

Shrines of peoples religion now dubious

Sacrifices potted the juju priest belle

Again I call to Asia

How beautiful is Honk Kong and China

Give me logic and other rational entitlement

The continents name deserve respect

You don’t know but loyalty has been to you

All this while the city’s dwellers do not see

The dotted sky tells of a story of a boy

The boy who walks in thoughts strangeness

Looking upwards telling the bats directions

Praying to be looked upon and Obas reward

Oba is the king, the people were told

Powerfully they rule ibinu dwellers

They roar like lions ; the ancestors quiver

They banish gods out of the land really

They kill anyone who worship wrongly.

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