Linger not

Doctors addicted to feasting blood and heart;

Their wrath the teared  down narrows and bones, they are gladdened by glorious offices, horses on prides boulevard of deed unjust.

They’d be elevated by fathers sorrow and

Will blossom by the cartels they serve
Their victims the unperturbed lilies 

growing without a rodder, they die in endless journey, continue while others has ended .

They the careless birds ; not attached to 

Buddhas detest not obliged to life’s free gifts

Are the victims of life cruelty 
Doctors operates on men’s brain

Painting grays and papip white

Men’s life are the choices of wickedness 

The Satan man ascribes life battles 

Distributing  degrees of challenges 

Some the greater others the less
Interiors are not exteriors ,they are within.

Men are dwellers of personal interiors 

They rule ,they choose ,others are spectators 

Spectators cannot decide ,rule , but expect 

To be granted their wish or avoid their anger 

Spectators are in the exteriors our soul live in
The other day I walked in his office

His wrath greatly incurred his anger established from long time past and growing

Prayers to God is admission to the office 

Oh God grand me my freedom freely 

Do not allow me linger longer than my pace
The waters are within men’s souls

Our life springs from life’s fountain

Our radiance will be felt or unfelt

We are immortals but we ran out of time

My guru saith ; oh how true it could follow

One knows so much but scared to speak
Pardon me if I make you feel offended 

Do no harm to my soul for duty’s sake

I myself cannot help it but be madres sonre,

I am within my soul; can’t you see…

Can’t you see I crave for what you can offer

But scared to ask and incur your anger
There is a pattern in minds and its universal

Serenity follows angles or square ,lines 

Or shapelessness ,plants or men’s reasoning 

Patterns followed or unfollowed ,deviants

Lost souls , drunken men, bar beach garden

Kills or upgrades loose or withhold .

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