The Judgement

The Judgement

​Picture a case

When our omnipotent father

Give a pace

A date to come
What if He comes .

Imagine if all of mankind knows

The day our lord shall arose.

To do right errors of the beginning .
Maybe by January,

How will Christmas tarry ?

When in a week

He will judge and carry.
Oh the end!

Men of false and violent means

Giving no hope for redemption.

Lords of the last days.

Struggling to catch up with time

The world is fading

When it all falls down.
Let’s get some fire in our heart

We are companions of the hopeful

Mercy sees , He knows his own

Salvation is our delight
Mercy gave standing instructions

I’ll come if you abide

Just keep on walking

The book your touch.
Well no man knows

No one controls

Time and chance may tarry

Heavens delight shall always carry.

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