Pleasure Lingers 

Trust twinkles.

Milking twinkling star in the Micky  

Trust makes relationship bubbles.

Love not so far away.

Lonely men in the boulevard of mystery. Their eyes like fire.                            

Stalking the night; crushing , a prey.    

No mans soul is for hire.
Stars are beautiful.                            

Enigma in a flying pot, mystery.    

Loyalty lingers , stitches loosely.      

Trust and loyalty not seen.
Beauty lies in the form,                            

The form is known,  Not seen.            

Trust, loyalty are with beauty.                    

In the form they lay
Seems love unseats you.                      

Heart of rock and meat.                          

Open your soul for mine to meet.              

A beautiful thing is a beautiful duo.
The bird cries an awful cry.        

Enchanted soul searching, scared but try.  

Tobacco two sips of whisky,            

Though you will not wait .
I will wait for utopia                        

Climbing hills like in Asia.                  

Desire will do no help now…                  

Our frenzied soul lied down.
To dream you must lay,                              

To be dead you must die.                

Belonging is to the unconverted.    

Fantasy for an untamed minded .
Policing my soul,                                    

Inciting desires…Floods of embers of tiny little charity’s grain,         

Germinating floods from Eros.

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