Abiku Stayed

Abiku Stayed

Black clouds over the moon.         

Darkness  emerges ,                                    

The earth tastes.

Abiku the dreaded wish.

A bruised soul, Into  non Being.                

in circles they open their black teeth.     

Plunging into the heart of the earth

Cracking bones tearing flesh

 Abiku is the seed that dies and live.

Madre did not come once.                     

Series of Madre                                    

Different tale . 

The breast goes sour ,

too many wasted mouth to suck.

yonder places most you dwell.

Snatch the Being tread .                            

The seed is corrupted.                               

Her soul will be freed

The underworld will not take her            

We shall uproot her stone .                         

Its a fine line between being and non being.

The boundary point.

 The cult of non existence they exists.

Fraternizing like eco players they  

pick on scars to mark. Ifa found it.                 

The hills did not give hint

 But the gods are ever hearing 

The bruises in her soul  will receive healing.

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